Germans increasingly rely on their own property to build wealth

The German Sparkassen- und Giroverband (DSGV) asked the Germans about their saving behavior. On the one hand, the 2016 wealth barometer reveals that respondents are hardly willing to accept higher risks for more returns. On the other hand, the importance of owning a property for asset accumulation is growing. For that, many people would even make big debts.

In order to achieve a similar return on investment in the ongoing low-interest phase as before the onset of the financial crisis, citizens would have to take more risks. But the new wealth barometer 2016 of the German Sparkassen- and Giroverband shows that only ten percent of the respondents are in the position to opt for a better return riskier investments . 70 percent exclude this step. At the same time, the security needs of Germans are increasing. While 50 percent of survey respondents cited this as the most important criterion for their savings behavior last year, it is now 57 percent. The return factor is only 22 percent, compared to 27 percent last year.

Own property if necessary with high debts

While high-yielding investments are among the losers in the current study, self-used real estate is on the rise . Since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2007, the number of people who see their own four walls as the best means of accumulating wealth has risen from 27 percent to 59 percent. The foreign-used property for rent is also becoming increasingly popular. Just under ten years ago, only seven percent of respondents insisted. There are now 29 percent.

The wealth barometer 2016 also shows that four out of five people would be responsible for their own property . More than one in five is even willing to finance 80 percent of the purchase price through a loan. While in the last survey, 21 percent of respondents had taken a correspondingly high loan for their own four walls, now it is already 28 percent. Tip: High-yield capital investments meet with the majority of the population on rejection, on the other hand is the own property for asset accumulation. As a consultant, take advantage of the growing interest in home ownership and obtain high-quality mortgage lending leads from us. Crossselling also gives you the opportunity to successfully advise your clients on term life insurance.